Solange net worth 2020: How much does she worth?
By Admin - April 12, 2017

The Solange is known for her stage name but as a matter of fact, her real name is known by a very few people. She isn’t merely a singer but also a model, songwriter, actress, and a popular stage celebrity. She is known to be a great singer because of having a great passion for her in singing for the reason that she was very much interested in music from her childhood as she used to participate in the singing competitions in her school. At a very young age of 16, she successfully released her first album which was named as a solo star. The people loved it a lot and she got fame for this. After that, the Solange net worth started to increase with each passing year.

Solange net worth

Some personal details about Solange:

The full and real name of Solange is: Solange Piaget Knowles

The date of birth of Solange is: 24th June 1986.

The birthplace of Solange is” Houston, Texas, USA.

The birth sign of Solange is: Cancer.

The height of Solange is: 172 cm.

The hair color of salonge is: black.

The weight of salonge is: 56 kilo

The eye color of solange is: brown

The ethnicity of salonge is: Afro-American.

Solange is popular as: Singer

Solange net worth is: $ 5 million.

A list of most popular albums by Solange:

Here are a few albums by Solange which are amazingly popular and solange has earned a handsome amount of money by them.

  • Sol-Angel (Earning: $ 96000 )
  • Hadley St. Dreams (Earning: $ 102,000)
  • Solo star (Earning: $ 125,000)
  • Don’t touch my hairs
  • Cranes in the sky

A few more facts about Solange:

Early & Personal life:

The name of the mother and father of solange is Tina and Mathew. The nickname of her is solo. He was much passionate about acting and in her early life, she started to practice acting as well as dancing in the theater. At the age of 17, she got married to Daniel Smith who was 19 years old at that time. Within very short time period after her marriage, they were blessed with a baby boy. But unfortunately, the marriage wasn’t lasted for so long and they people got separated in 2007. At the present age, she is committed to a new boyfriend of her, named Alan Ferguson.

Here are a few details about salonge awards as well as nominations. The year 2008 was proved really very lucky for the salonge for the reason that in that year, she was granted ASCAP award for the reason that her song named ‘get me bodied’ got very famous and people loved it more than any other song of her. Also, was nominated as the best artist in the year 2009 as well as the year 2012, but wasn’t awarded.  The solange net worth is $ 5 million which is the proof that she is loved by the people all over the world for her songs as well as her amazing way to perform.

approximately $10 million
As of April 2020Solange net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million.