Some No-Code Careers In Technology
Tech News
By Andrew Parker - February 6, 2022

When most people hear technology, their mind goes to millions of code, hackers, and databases. However, technology is not just all about writing code. The steps involve other critical players releasing a product to the market, from ideation to execution.

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Sean Gallup

The first is the Product Manager. A product manager is like a glue that holds it all. A product manager acts as a liaison between the product and its customers. Product managers typically conduct market and user research to identify features that users need or changes to improve a product for its end users. Indeed reports the average salary o a product manager in the United States is $95,894. Next is the Product Designer. Every product needs a product designer to oversee the design of the product. Product designers apply their skills in designing a solution that solves user problems and is user-friendly. The average salary for a product designer is $85,662.

There is also the UX(User Experience) Researcher and Writer. A UX researcher researches interviews, surveys, and feedback to gather users’ views on a product and then translates these findings to make recommendations to business stakeholders on a product’s direction. A user researcher’s typical roadmap is to analyze, collect data from product users, analyze the research, and create user personas with the findings. Most UX researchers also double as UX writers. UX writers aim to produce user-friendly helpful content to make the user journey hassle-free. UX researchers earn an average of $88,000. Laslty, we have the Technical Writer. Technical writers assist with creating written content to help users better understand a product. For example, technical writers write product documentation, tutorials, ebooks, guides on software systems, product functionality, testing, etc. The primary purpose is to explain technical terms easily digestible by product users. The average salary for a technical writer starts at $79,885. Technology is a broad field that requires the combined effort of software engineers, marketers, writers, researchers, etc., to release a product that users will love. Before deciding on a field, perform thorough research to help guide your journey.