Secrets You Will Never Know About SPM or South Park Mexican net worth 2020
By Admin - March 21, 2017

A popular rapper in music world born as Carlos Coy known as South Park Mexican from his stage name is a rapper with sensational music. He is the founder of Dope House Records and Convicted Felon. The amazing stage name is derived from is a neighborhood in Houston Texas where he was born and lived during early life. The journey in music world started from 1994 and then fame came for this Texas boy. Coy founded Dope House records with the collaboration of his brother and friend. South Park Mexican net worth adds a part to his fame. Coy is listed among the richest rappers industry.This article sheds light on South Park Mexican net worth and his career as a rapper. Following points makes it easier to understand South Park Mexican amazing net worth.

South Park Mexican Net Worth:

Coy had a first brief face off with music in the music program at Welch Middle High School. Coy dropped out of school in1987 and enrolled in college for a business associate degree. He suffered a lot before getting fame and done small jobs. Coy started with the title of Christan Rapper and later on stopped using the name. Coy’sdebut album was Hillwood released in, March 1995. Coy’s second album was Hustle Town released in 1998. The rapper unique taste added delight in his music.

< The album that kick started him as a celebrity was Power moves which resulted in major fan following and recognition as a rapper. Later on in his career, he formed a joint venture with Universal Records. He had made a lot of guest appearances and collaborated in mix tapes. South Park Mexican Net Worth

South Park Mexican net worth Salary and Best Album:

South Park Mexican is currently serving in jail for child molestation incident happened in 2002 but still his fame continues and he is earning. The name of South Park Mexican has evolved itself as a brand to recognize. Coy’s best album was “The Last Chair Violinist” that earned him around $349,650. The rapper has also earned a lot with sponsorships and endorsements amounting up to $130,719.

Full Name:
South Park Mexican net worth:$5,000,000
Yearly Money:$600,000 (average)
Popular asRapper

SPM Albums that earned millions of dollars:
Coy is fortunate with every album he launched resulting in the top hit. The album Reveille Park, Time is Money and When Devils Strike are best as compared to rest.

South Park Mexican net worth places him among the richest rappers on earth. The rapper all albums have been hits and gained him million dollars adding a part to his net worth. Coy collaboration and name worked well in the entertainment industry. He is a self-made star with great contribution to music. Coy haven’t relied totally on music and used the brand for different ventures. The major discographies of South Park Mexican resulted in amazing $1.5 million. Coy followers compare his income stats with the likes of Baby Bash, Fat Joe, and Z-ro. The rapper magic still earns million for him every year. A rapper with the essence of music is one of richest in the rap industry. South Park Mexican net worth is $5 million.

After releasing several albums in collaboration, as well as solo, he has today created a net worth of $30 million as of April 2020.