Square Enix announces the release of multiple games within the next few months
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By Admin - June 28, 2020

Gematsu reported that Square Enix, in a press conference said that they are upcoming with some video games which will most probably be released in July and August. During a public meeting, they were asked as if how will they release the games and inform the public about these releases as the E3 event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company answered that they will announce the game release along the way as time permits them.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Joe Scarnici

Square Enix also quoted that many will be released from July and August, but they didn’t quote anything solid and definite about it. They have already announced an upcoming game for PS5 named Project Athia which is a brand-new action-packed game filled with adventure.

One of their most popular new releases was Final Fantasy 7 Remake which was awarded 10/10 by GameSpot’s review on the title. Critic writer Taimoor Hussain wrote that this game’s story along with its character had a very strong junction in a game concerning gameplay which had many modern additions along with that same classic basic taste of Final Fantasy series. He also said that it was amazing to see a game having old references from this title’s series combined into a new game retaining its freshness and keeping it familiar. It was an initial step by this action-centered title by portraying a modern touch in its games and not inclining on the previous titles in the series.