Know the Steve Harvey net worth 2020
By Admin - August 9, 2017

Steve Harvey is an actor and comedian from the TV industry of America and is regarded as the most influential person in terms of his salary and not worth. The actual net worth he has is of 140 million dollars and his salary is 40 million dollar. He was born on 17th of January in 1957 in the area Welch, West Virginia. The universities he went to are West Virginia University and Kent state university. Steve Harvey net worth is so high because he is known to be among the richest celebrities in America. The shows he has performed are considered to be of great success.

Steve Harvey net worth

Early success

The early career has a great influence on the Steve Harvey net worth because those shows were beginning of his exceptional line of business. In 1992 he became the host for the Showtime at Apollo and that show continued till 2000. Meanwhile, a new show starred by the name of “The Steve Harvey show” that was aired from 1996 to 2002 with the 122 episodes. A show was aired by Spike Lee named “the original kings of comedy” and Steve Harvey was one of the four contestants present.

Success in recent years

With those exceptional shows he started off his career in an exceptional way and after that, there are many shows being aired featuring him. Right now, the shows he is doing include a morning show on radio by the name of “The Steve Harvey morning show”, there is also a talk show in daytime named “Steve Harvey” and the another one is “Family Feud”. Other than this, he has also entered into new fields of business to maximize his wealth. Other lines include some bestselling books written by him as well as a clothing line that is named after him as “the Steve Harvey collection”. A book written by him is “Act like a lady, think like a man”, turned out to be the best selling romantic comedy in the year 2009. This book was later turned into “think like a man” in 2012 and earned 100 million dollars at the box office. All these things make up to turn the Steve Harvey net worth portfolio into a huge success.

Married life

Steve Harvey was married three times in his life. The total children he has been seven. The first marriage was with Marci Harvey from the year 1980 – 1994 and they had twin daughters and a son. His second marriage was with Mary Lee Harvey that remained from 1996 – 2005 and they had a son. However, currently, he is married to Marjorie Bridge since 2007 and is living a really happy life. Steve Harvey states that his third wife is responsible for changing his life and turning him into a better man than before. Marjorie had her own 3 children and Harvey raised them as children. Even now they have grandchildren.

All the major contributions towards the Steve Harvey net worth are mentioned in this article, he is 60 years old and is still working because this is his passion.

As of April 2020Steve Harvey net worth amounts to $200 million. He is a man whom we can best describe as a jack of all trades, and that’s how he has been able to earn such a huge fortune for himself.