Streets of Rage 4 — PS4 Review
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By Admin - May 1, 2020

Remember the Axel Stone from the original Streets of Rage? Well, I wish I could say he has returned bigger and better than ever, but he has knocked on the door pretty much in the same shape as he was almost thirty years ago. To be very honest, this is the actual beauty of the latest Streets of Rage. It is as if some ninety’s kids grew up, playing Beat ‘em ups all their childhood, and one day they decided to pay a tribute to all they grew up on.

The first thing that you notice about the game is that it screams of the nineties. The developers have not done the tiniest efforts to bring some innovation to the game. You will jump into a typical Beat ‘em up battle and you will keep moving towards the right side of the game while throwing punches to your enemies. You will recognize similar localities and characters from the earlier versions of the game.

And what’s a game without its drawbacks? The developers haven’t realized it in the thirty years of developing Beat ‘em up games that how frustrating it is when you have missed a bonus by an inch and stepped a little further and then you can’t move back. This was frustrating back then, and this is frustrating now. This is something I won’t call a tribute to the classic era of gaming as this was a game’s drawback back then as well. Well, I am not trying to move back to my teenage years, but perhaps an inch to the bonus that I just missed. It won’t create a hell over at the developers if they gave us a little leeway over here.

The game is not made for the newer generation. They might not find their interests in controlling a 2D character up and down the screen. The game is specifically designed for the people who used to send that coin rolling down the arcade machine to spend a few more minutes in the action. Even with all the developments the game has seen, you will find one of your thumbs on the analog and the other on the square! The Beat ‘em up games have nearly lost their original character over the years, and it was a very bold step by the developers to bring one back in in this era of modern games.