Surplus sugar intake leading to unhealthy fat accumulation
By Admin - October 20, 2021

A medical journal from the European Society of Cardiology named the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology stated a study that says that humans have a health risk when they consume sugar, which accumulates in the form of large fat fragments surrounding our heart and abdomen.

Ms. So Yun Yi who is this study author and a Ph.D. student says that consumption of surplus sugar converts to fat and then stored in our body. Due to its accumulation around our abdomen and heart, those fat tissues let go of some hazardous chemicals inflicting damage to our body and this phase can only be prevented by decreasing sugar use.

Surplus sugar intake has become a global issue creating a danger for a huge number of casualties. Countries like KSA, United States, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Peru have become the highest buyers of sugary beverages with an uprise in sales in Russia, Africa, and Asia.

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Researchers studied and observed the difference between the sugar in sugary beverages like cold drinks, artificial fruit juices energy drinks, etc, and those used in food such as in cooking and processed foods. They also worked on developing the link between the prolonged use of sugar and the number of fats stored on your abdomen and heart. Researchers took the data required from CARDIA, which is an ongoing group study based on almost 3100 healthy individuals between the ages of 18 and 30, centering Illinois, Minnesota, California, and Alabama. Researchers conducting this study measured their sugar intake from food items and sugary drinks thrice over twenty years from 1985-2005. Those individuals, after a time of 25 years, were then CT scanned on chest and abdomen to observe their heart and abdomen’s condition along with measuring the amount of fat that has accumulated on their organs.

On the results from that 20-year time, it was found that there is a relation between your sugar use and fat accumulation in daily life. It was hence concluded that this increases step by step. Another study author Dr. Lyn Steffen also said that the relation between intake of sugary items and fat accumulation on essential body organs is directly proportional. Dr also warned that this fat pile up around organs can increase health risks like diabetes and heart diseases like heart attacks and heart failure. She also suggested that people should decrease the amount of sugar they are using in their daily use and use water rather than sweetened drinks and eat healthy food instead of items having sugar. Dr. Lyn also said that people should read labels mentioned on food packets and refrain from buying things that have syrups, sucrose, maltose, etc. But the real solution is when governments and authorities take this matter seriously and provide people with information and healthy alternatives to these drinks and foods