Susan Alice Buffett – the Daughter of a Business Icon
By Admin - April 26, 2017

Everybody knows the lady Susan Alice Buffett because of her great charitable works. She is an American humanitarian and she is the daughter of a great business icon named Warren Buffett. Although she belongs to a very wealthy family but she is famous because of her charitable works. He held a very honorable position in many related organizations. In this article, we will discuss about her life and her work in detail. Let’s have a look.

Susan Alice Buffett

Susan Alice Buffett as a great Humanitarian

Susan Alice Buffett is the most powerful humanitarian of America. She holds the position of chairman in three big charity organizations in the America. She is also the chairman of Sherwood Foundation. She also owns a charity organization whose goal is to eliminate poverty and to devote to public education. There is another organization named Susan Thompson Buffett foundation and she is serving this as a chairman. The goal of this organization is to deal with the health issues related to women. This is the largest organization of this group and the net worth of this organization is about USD 4 billion.

Susan Alice Buffett Work for Childhood Education

The best thing about this lady is that she also handles many early childhood funds and the main theme of these funds is to work for the early childhood education. It is for those families who have a very low level of income and thy can not afford the education of their children. She is so dedicated to her wok that she is the director of many non-profit organizations including many foundations that are African-focused. The main sectors of her works are education, children, health, and family issues. You will find her involvement in many other causes like trade, debt, AIDS etc. she is also working for the improvement of Africa and many African People.

The Life History of Susan Alice Buffett

She was born in 1953 in Omaha. Her short name is Susie. She is the elder child of the business icon Warren Buffett. Her father is a billionaire businessman and a great investor. In 1970, her parent separated and they remarried and remained together till 2004. Her mother also died in this year because she was suffering from cancer and she went through many surgeries, radiations, and facial reconstruction. In 1983, Susan Alice Buffett got married. Her husband name is Allen Greenberg and by profession, he is a lawyer. They first met in Washington. They faced a lot of hurdles in their married life and it results in ending their relationship in 1995. E is

Susie has god remarks about her father and she said that he is a simple man and he doesn’t care about money. It is said that he is the second richest man in the world. Susie told people that he is a little bit boring and people don’t like this thing a lot. He loves to have a simple lifestyle and money doesn’t matter a lot to him. He also enjoys the USD 10 hamburger from McDonald.