Final Fantasy VII Remake — Swordipede Boss Guide
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By Admin - April 25, 2020

Final Fantasy VII remake is all about progressing through different chapters and fighting bosses along the way. Some of the bosses you face will be a part of the storyline build up, rest will be available as side quests.

Similarly, somewhere in the 17th chapter, you will come across the Swordipede Boss. This will be the 17th boss that you will have to fight during your gameplay.It is a part of the main story of the game.

The boss is not to be feared, as we bring you all the best strategies you can use in a fight against it to make it find its way to the ground.

What is Swordipede?

To have a good look at the Swordipede Boss, you will have to look up in the sky, not because it is huge, but because it will never land its foot on the ground. It is not that big of a Boss, but it’s not that easy to fight as well. The first thing you notice is that it is a peculiar looking Centipede, and it does not have legs, instead, it has swords. Not having legs makes sense, as the boss was never meant to be a ground boss. It has no wings, yet you will still find it floating about in the sky. If you have played the original version of the game, Swordipede will not be a new boss to you.

It is said that Swordipede is a failure of the Research and Development division of the great Shinra. As they are a failure, their movement cannot be coordinated nor estimated, and they will keep circulating the sky

Heading into the battle

You will head into the battle against the Swordipede Boss with Barret and Cloud only. you will not be accompanied by Tifa and Aerith. Hence, keep this in mind, the healing of powers of Aerith cannot be utilized in the initial part of the battle.

Anyways, since the boss is up in the sky and Cloud only specializes in close range attacks, you will need to bring in the Barret.


Phase Two

Once you have made it into the second phase of the battle, a certain chain of events will lead you to Aerith and Tifa. Red XIII will also be present for your help. This will happen when half of the health of Swordipede is destroyed by Barret and Cloud. Most of the attacks of the Swordipede will remain the same and you will be able to avoid them with good use of reflexes. However, Swordipede will come out with another attack, Saw-Toothed spin, but it is not that lethal.

You can also equip Aerith with the Binding Materia to further help you in the game, it is, however, recommended not compulsory. Electricity will stay a weakness for this boss as well, but as this boss roams around in the sky, you might have to practice your aim, since a lightning attack can easily be missed.

This is it for the Swordipede Boss. The boss is hideous, without a doubt, but it is not the worst that you will face during the game.