Secret Review T Pain Net Worth 2020, Multitalented Rapper
By Admin - October 12, 2017


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What is T Pain Net Worth

T pain is an American singer, song writer, record producer, actor and a rapper. His real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm. It has been estimated that his net worth is 35 million dollars. He was born in Florida.

Beginning of Career of T Pain:


T pain started his career as a rapper. He brought AutoTune in front of hip hop. T pain joined a rapping group which was known as Nappy Headz. However, he left the group due to some reasons. As a solo R&B artist, he recorded a song which was called “I’m Fucked Up”. This song was a personal take on one of Akon’s biggest hit called “Locked Up”. This song made him popular in a short time. When Akon heard the song then he asked T Pain to join him. T pain signed a contract with Akon on his Jive-distributed Konvict Muzik label.

T pain net worth from Record Sales

T Pain made record sales in different years. He got too much famous when he came under the wings of Akon. Have a look at the following records sales of T Pain:

• In the year of 2011the estimated earnings of T Pain were five million dollars. In this year he made an album called Revolver. More than 110,076 copies of this album were sold which gave him $120,000.
• In 2010,he had earned six million dollars. He performed in different shows and did many songs which earned him this huge amount.
• 2009 was a very lucky year for T PainHe had earned 15 million dollars in this entire year. He did acting, singing, song writing and rapping which made him quite wealthy.
• In the year of 2008,he only earned $500,000 from his album Three Ringz. It was certified as gold by the RIAA.

The net worth of T Pain got increased with the time but he had a successful career with Akon. He was a multi-talented person due to which he had made record sales in different years. 2009 was one of the best years for T Pain as he earned his maximum wealth this year.

Other T pain net worth

In the year of 2007, T Pain released just one album which was certified as gold by RIANZ and RIAA. This album gave him $507,500. The estimated earnings of T Pain in 2005 were just $500,000. He earned this amount from his album called Rappa Ternt Sanga.

This album was certified gold by RIAA. After the release of his first album, T Pain produced different big hits on his own. He also produced hits for other R&B singers as well as rappers from which earned handsome amount. He did many things throughout his career because of which T pain net worth is estimated as 35 million dollars.


TPain has collaborated with some of the most talented rappers and artists in the music industry including likes of Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, and Pitbull. As of 2020TPain’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $35 million dollars.