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By Admin - August 8, 2017

Tai Lopez is a great social media celebrity and almost everyone present on social on social media is aware of his name. According to statistics, his videos are viewed even more than 200 million more times in a single year. Social media is a great power and it is an art how some people use it really well. Tai Lopez Net worth is the indication has he has the art to market on social media. Even he provides a lot of tips for making a social media agency. Some of the interesting facts about him are as follows.

Tai Lopez net worth

Tai Lopez Net worth

The estimated net worth of Tai Lopez is about 20 million dollars. Even at the beginning of his YouTube sessions, the money he used to earn was large and at that time his net worth was between 3.5 – 7 million dollars. The key point is that in response to the efforts he had put on, the huge platform is created for the masses on which the marketing can be done easily. This platform is being trusted and admired but many so marketing things over here is an easy task. The art he has is that he exactly knows what it takes to make money. There is a 67 stepped program initiated by him to gain success.

Business model of Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Net worth is so high because it is the result of an exceptional business model. There are some paid courses offered y him on his YouTube channel and multiple videos, as well as ads, are presented over there to market. The fee a person pay to this model is recurring and this is the interesting point. There are some of the points on which he puts a great focus on. First of all, he pays a lot of money for the YouTube ads. The sales business is initiated by creating a sales funnels and then the people who do not become the part of sales tunnel are again targeted through YouTube ads.

Concept of trip wires

This concept is introduced in his business model. Actually, there are some products on the entry level that are popular among people; he targets that audience having general appeal to those products. These products are also low cost. The only trick is to get the person to develop buying habit by buying the first product, after that the trust is being built and people gradually move towards expensive products. This is a great marketing technique to grab a lot of customers and over this huge period of time, he has to build great trust that there are a huge number of people following him.

Free content

A lot of valuable content is provided to people for free. Those free things include free knowledge, a book of day summaries and the live webinars etc. This builds up the trust and loyalty and people start buying that ultimately increase the Tai Lopez Net worth. These were some of the really great qualities present in the business model of Tai Lopez.

Tai’s perseverance for a mentor and his relentless hard work led to him helping many others. His wealth and popularity are reflective of his pursuit of knowledge and he encourages others to find their “Good Life.” As of 2020Tai Lopez’s net worth is roughly $60 million.
Profession: Entrepreneur; Investor