Take Good Care of Yourself and Your Hair
By Rachel Jones - May 26, 2023

What’s the first product that comes to your mind when you think about your hair? Shampoo. Shampoo’s are an extremely important and necessary part of our hair care routine. The shampoo market can get extremely overwhelming at first but we got you covered. You have landed at the right place where you can find detailed ingredient analysis, product reviews and brand recommendations. We have a diverse range of brands including Redken, KMS, Paul Mitchell, American Crew and many more.

Shampoos should be used with proper care and concern as otherwise the hair may experience great damage. This means that shampoos are the one that will eradicate any signs of hair damage and buildup. Buildup in the hair may cause itching and create unfavorable sensations on your scalp. Hair care is highly important as it allows you to ensure that your hair health stays in the right condition. Moreover, this will also boost your confidence as a good hair day ensures that you experience a great day.

Whether your hair is dull, damaged or even falls under the category of multiple blondes, shampoo is an essential that you would definitely require. For blonde hair types, it is extremely beneficial to use purple shampoos. Purple shampoo’s act as a color balancer which targets the brassy and yellow tones of blonde hair.

Redken, fanola and fudge are one of the most well known shampoo brands out there. Their ratings are high, their reviews are good and most importantly they actually work. These shampoos are known to remove the brassiness that comes with the blonde hair. Another very known professional brand is the Schwarzkopf Professional. It is a top choice for many hair artists and dressers from around the world. Kerastase is also known to be highly used amongst people who value hair health. It maintains the porosity and the volume of your hair.