Ted Cruz Blocked from Taking Photos Inside CBP Facility by 'Biden Official' - WATCH
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By Admin - March 29, 2021

Texas senator attempts to expose conditions at Donna migrant detention center

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says an alleged “senior advisor” in Joe Biden’s administration blocked him from taking photos inside the migrant detention facility in Donna, Texas.

Cruz attempted to expose the conditions inside the overcrowded U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility but was shut down by the unidentified “Biden official.”

On Sunday, Cruz shared a video showing the official attempting to block him from taking photos of migrants who were being detained in the Donna facility.

During an interview with Cruz on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo said one of the network’s own photographers was also banned from the facility.

“We sent a photographer along to document it, but he was banned,” Bartiromo said.

“He was told, ‘you’re not coming.'”

the alleged  biden official  is seen blocking sen  cruz from taking photos
The alleged ‘Biden official’ is seen blocking Sen. Cruz from taking photos

“When the senators tried to take cell phone pictures and videos, they too were hassled,” Bartiromo added.

“Texas Senator Ted Cruz recorded a confrontation he had with a Biden handler sent by DHS to stop them.”

Cruz tweeted out footage of the heated exchange that he had with the alleged Biden official, who repeatedly positioned herself to stand in front of Cruz while he was attempting to record what was going on.

The alleged Biden official repeatedly barked at Cruz to “give the people dignity and respect,” to which Cruz responded by pointing out that what the Biden administration was doing to the migrants was not treating the migrants with dignity and respect.


During the Fox News interview, Cruz said that the current situation on the border was “the worst that I have ever seen.”

He called the situation a “full-blown crisis.”