The Apollo moon landings
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By Admin - December 2, 2020

They say astronaut Neil Armstrong made no ‘giant leap
for mankind’, they assert that the 1969 moon mission was
a hoax to prove America won the space race, that the
astronauts were ‘astro-nots’! The high point in the Great
Moon Landing Conspiracy came on 15 February 2001, the
date that Fox television broadcast a programme entitled
‘Did We Land on the Moon?’. This alleged that the whole
Moon landing had been staged inside a film studio on a US
military base somewhere in the Mojave desert.
The programmers claimed:

1 .The US flag planted on the Moon’s surface is seen
fluttering, and there is no breeze of any kind on the
2 .The photographs taken by the astronauts do not include
any of the Moon’s night sky, where there would have
been a stunning array of stars on view.

3.The shadows in the pictures are clearly coming from
more than one angle – an impossibility on the Moon,
where the only light source is the sun, but more than
plausible inside a film studio.