Final Fantasy VII Remake—Arsenal Boss Guide
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By Admin - April 22, 2020

Airbuster was not the last robot you had to fight in the Final Fantasy VII remake. Shinra releases its ultimate big daddy as you approach towards the end of the game, the Arsenal. Arsenal is big and it is something you have not encountered somewhere anywhere before in the game.

The first thing you notice as you step into a fight with the Arsenal is its size. It is this huge monstrous meta than can finish you with a single swipe of its hand. But, lucky for you, it does not have hands. what’s not so lucky about it is the fact that, instead of hands it has huge firing cannons and turrets.

You will encounter Arsenal, immediately after getting your hands dirty Rufus, somewhere in the seventeenth chapter. What puts this fight apart from all other fights is that you won’t have Cloud this time and you will be taking over Arsenal with Barret and Aerith alone. You will also have a bit of help from the Red XIII.

Here is a guide on how you can take on the meanest machine produced by the Shinra

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Fighting Arsenal

Your first concern will be the drones hovering about the huge monstrous Arsenal. Drones appear instantly as Barret tries to attack the robot in the cutscene. Use Barret’s long-distance capabilities and Aerith’s Ray of Judgement to take down the drones. You will not be able to take on the robot directly if you do not take down the drones at first.

There will be plenty of wreckage and other objects in the setting around you that you can use for cover. It is not always about how you attack, but the fight is also about defending yourself. Make well use of the covers present around you.

The Materia that is most suitable for the battle is the Lightning and Elemental Materia. Just like Airbuster, Arsenal’s biggest weakness is also electricity. Make sure you combine the two Materia in Barret’s weapon and if you happen to have the second Elemental Materia, equip Aerith with it too. However, I will suggest equipping Aerith the Healing and Magnifying Materia to help her do what she does best.  

You will get your biggest gateway when Arsenal starts charging its Laser Cannon. This is the time when it is the most vulnerable to your attacks, however, the charging lasts for about ten seconds so you don’t have much big of a window. Therefore, keep a lookout when the robot is about to charge up and prepare beforehand.

Midway through the fight, you might start noticing a blue glow in the chest of the Arsenal. This is when it activates its Elemental Defense Protocol. In this state, the robot will become immune to all of your elemental and lightning attacks and you will be left with an option of attacking it when it staggers only.

Once you are into the phase three of the battle, Arsenal will bring in its Fire Wall attack. Once you are blocked by the FireWall, immediately switch characters. The boss will activate its Pulse Cannons. This will make its laser attacks more powerful and the pillars around you will not be able to protect you. you will just have to be quick about your movement and move out of the way of those attacks.

As the boss will grow weaker, its attacks will start growing stronger. All you have to do is get your reflexes in order, dodge the attacks and bring in your own best moves. Shinra did not make a final boss, only to be taken down that easy!