The Art of Rap
By Andrew Parker - February 13, 2023

Music is a form of expression that is used by individuals to express their feelings and perspectives on the world in which they live, as previously stated. Rap is one of many genres that characterize this medium of expression, and it will be discussed in this article.

Rap is distinguished further by its rebellious nature. The lyricism prevalent in such music frequently refers to graphic topics such as guns, violence, sexual indulgence, or other hedonistic practices that are rarely conducive to the development of an individual who contributes positively to society.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/ BJ Formento

Much of its nature originates from the fact that rap was created to convey the pain of the African-American community when they were enduring enormous hardships as a result of racial prejudice directed against them. Rap was the vehicle through which the community used to passively fight back against their oppressors and spread an ideology that supported unitary solidarity among the black community at the time.

Rap music has produced some of the most influential musicians in the world. One such person, for example, goes by the name Aubrey Graham, also known as Drake. Drake, who grew up in Toronto’s bustling streets, has established himself as not only a notable rap icon, but also a global presence. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Logic are among the other performers. Rap has a great impact on the lives of its listeners since it is typically absolute in nature and encouraging in its lyrics.

Different individuals react to and decode art forms in a multitiude of different manners; Alas, that is the beauty of art. There is no one way to look at nature; no single lens through which one can judge the quality of a painting or song – sure, some may may subjectively more appealing to a particular individual, but its objective reality is not only difficult to determine, but in many ways a facade. Art is not what we see or hear, but the emotions we feel as a result of our interactions with it.