The Beautiful Country of Scotland
By Alexandra Wade - January 24, 2022

Scotland is a nation in northern Great Britain. It shares a border with England to the south and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the North Sea to the east and the North Channel and the Irish Sea to the southwest. In addition to the mainland, Scotland constitutes over 790 islands including the Northern Isles and the Hebrides. Scotland is a beautiful country with a rich history. Scotland has its own language and its own culture, customs, and belief system. There are some really wonderful places to visit in Scotland, though most tourist attractions are actually based around things to do. There are interesting historical sites, custom places like castles and other types of architecture, national parks for hiking or camping, villages with strong Scottish traditions to explore, museums for history buffs, and plenty more attractions that would be fun for people of any age group.

Getty Images/Moment/Matt Anderson Photography

It’s a wonderful place to visit and explore because there are so many things to do here beyond simply tourism. There are amazing restaurants, pubs, and bars for fine dining, buying souvenirs, or just hanging out with friends. You can play golf at some of the best courses in the world, go on boat tours, head out into the country on a guided hike or explore amazing architecture. People from countries all over the world come to visit Scotland’s capital city because of how many options there are for fun things to do in Edinburgh. If you’re planning a trip here, there are many options for everyone to enjoy. For example, you can visit the many Buddhist temples. One of the most popular ones is based in Glasgow (Glasgow Buddhist Centre). The Glasgow Buddhist Centre also offers meditation sessions every Sunday, so if you’re visiting this area, be sure to check out this popular attraction.

The Scottish sea life centers are also definitely worth visiting. There are lots of interactive exhibits, so it would be fun for kids as well! The Loch Lomond facility is open throughout the year with different specials for winter, spring, and summer. The Cairngorms National Park is an amazing place to visit no matter the time of year. This park features different wildlife as well as beautiful scenery throughout the year. There are many things to see and do here, including hiking trails through some of the best natural sites in Scotland. You should definitely stop by the visitor center to get some information on great hikes for adults and kids. The Cairngorms National Park is also home to some fantastic castles that are definitely worth exploring. One of the most popular ones is based in the town of Braemar (Braemar Castle). This castle features everything you would expect from a medieval Scottish castle, including a museum, armory, and turrets.