The Division 2: Warlords of New York—Season 2 comeslive
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By Admin - June 24, 2020

Tom Clancy’s Division 2 has finally launched its second season for the player which packs up with fresh and new content coming to the game. This season will have some new targets to achieve along with brand new missions and loot. As this one has the title of Keener’s Legacy, players will have the task to counter and stop some evil plots of Aaron Keener. You will be facing and taking down new targets every three weeks, but you are given a time span of 3 months to take all of them down.

If we compare with the season 1, you will be playing the Warlords of New York expansion in the new one along with some utility upgrades for the game like of skill variant and a gearset. Interested players can buy the season pass for Season 2 to enjoy the latest upgrades and using exotics. One of the exciting things for the game’s player is that the new season also comes with new League Challenges along with Global Events.

Keener’s Legacy has received some updates from the developer, Ubisoft. The latest one has made some major changes and brought improvements like improving the damage for almost all weaponry. There also will be the release of raid dubbed Iron Horse about which Ubisoft has provided no updates after claiming that it will release on the 30th of June, but it will surely launch this season. But Ubisoft is in its development phase, won’t take too long. Developer says that the game will be an ultimate challenge for the players and will offer a rare reward for the ones who will be completing it first.