The Many Unexpected Benefits of Yoga
By Rachel Jones - June 25, 2023

It is universally agreed that exercise is an important part of everyday life for any healthy individual. Whether it is taking a walk once a day or trying to spend a few productive minutes in the gym every week, it is important to perform a physical activity on a regular basis. However, many disagree on how that exercise should be carried out, and what is the most ideal type of exercise for everyone. Although cardio is what people consider the most convenient form of daily exercise, yoga also has its own benefits to offer as well.

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Stu Forster

Yoga is a type of exercise that people can manage on a daily basis, even in a busy lifestyle. During most of the week, office workers don’t have many opportunities to even walk around outside or go for a jog because their jobs require them to commute long distances on vehicles. So when they’re home at the end of the day, there isn’t much energy left to go all the way to a park or a gym to exercise. This is where yoga can be extremely convenient, because all you need is a flat surface, and a YouTube video to follow alongside.

Beyond this, yoga is also a very accessible fitness option. Unlike lifting weights or going on a run, it can be done even by those experiencing any body pains. In fact, it can actively help relieve pain caused by persistent body aches or chronic illnesses. So for an individual with constant back pain, any fast-paced activity like swimming would not be attractive. They would be more inclined to lay down, and attempt stretches like ‘child’s pose’ that cause less pain during the exercise, and also in the long-term. This is why, yoga isn’t simply a good option for those looking for more flexibility, but also for different types of people aiming to be more fit.