The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Mykonos
By Laura Lee - November 17, 2021

The show-stopping Greek Island of Mykonos is something you never forget. The pure white streets, alleys and valleys, chapels, blue skies, white houses, and blue-roofed buildings will forever be engraved in your mind once you visit this magical place. This island gives you a little bit of everything and more. It is one of the most famous destinations of all of Greece, where locals and tourists since 1960. Ever since it’s been voted numerous times as the top summer holiday destination, and for good reason. It’s not just the amazing weather that keeps people coming back time and time again, but it’s also a combination of the party atmosphere, family-friendly accommodations, and breathtaking scenery. Once you visit, it’s hard not to fall in love with this island. If you have been itching to go on vacation and have been struggling to pick out the best place to go, you’ll want to put Mykonos on your list.

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Athanasios Gioumpasis

One of the most obvious reasons to visit Mykonos is for its beaches. There are so many to choose from all throughout the island, which include some of the best restaurants in the world. There are over 30 beaches with picturesque turquoise-colored water. There are even many beach parties to attend where you’ll find yourself dancing from sunrise to sunset soaking in the sun. After you’re done parting on the beach, you can go to one of the arrays of nightclubs that Mykonos has to offer. Mykonos is the place for parties and the island has some of the most unique party scenes in the world. You can choose between bars, clubs, beach bars, and more. You’ll most likely be hungry after dancing the night away, and Mykonos has a wide variety of food to choose from for everyone’s different tastes. You can find Greek classics like moussaka and gyros, and local food like spicy cheese and louza, not to mention, some of the best seafood.

You can also enjoy a stroll through the town to witness the beautiful architectural history. Architectural monuments are dispersed through the town, and you can relish in Little Venice, the Windmills, churches, and museum buildings. You can wander through the white houses and blue colored doors and take in all the beauty this town has to offer. While you are there, you can also do some shopping. There are an endless amount of markets boutiques and fashion designers to scout out. There are numerous fashions and jewelry stores, perfect for yourself or gifts for friends. The best part is that Mykonos happens to be very budget-friendly. Taking a holiday in Mykonos comes at a reasonable price, especially if you venture out to the less popular tourist hotspots. Plus, it has fantastic weather with endless sunshine and a nice breeze, giving it the name, ‘the windy island.’ Visit Mykonos and experience the magic you’ll be sure to never forget.