Things to Know About Dubai
By Rachel Jones - May 22, 2023

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and is famous for its modern architecture and beautiful buildings. It has the world’s highest building Burj Khalifa which is a 7 star hotel with a restaurant and gold plated interior. Dubai is famous for its huge and enormous malls with indoor ski resorts and water aquariums which are breath-taking. You can never get bored in Dubai as there are many activities to do here. The scorching hot deserts are best for bike riding adventures and can be enjoyed by families. It is full of different and amazing culture and food. Nusrat Restaurant is famous for its juicy and tender steak and meat. People enjoy lavish lifestyles with security 24/7. Many bloggers go to Dubai each year to enhance their followers as it is full of amazing stuff. It is cheap compared to other foreign destinations and there is entertainment for every kind of person. Water parks and amusement parks attract a huge crowd and are best for a good afternoon in the sun.

There is a high rate of employment and to get a stable job is far easier here. It also has a Miracle Park Garden made on a desert and the first largest flower garden. Dubai is on the way to become the fastest growing economy with China being the largest trading partner followed by India and USA. Dubai’s main form of revenue comes from tourism and Arabic is spoken here, taught in schools too. It is home to 4 billionaires with a population of 3.331 million in 2019. Dubai in fact is one of the safest places in the Middle East, strict law is practiced which reduces the crime rate. Dubai Airport is considered to be the border between the west and east with millions of flights stopping here for refuelling.