This is how flow enhances productivity amongst people
By Admin - 2020-06-21 06:00:40

“flow” is what helps the individuals make the most out of their day to day lives. The flow was first discovered in the 1970s by a psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow is a psychological state of mind in which individuals are completely focused on the activity they are performing, when they are focused on their goals and know what they are doing, and most importantly when they are taking pleasure in what they are doing.

Previously flow was only attributed to arts and performing arts, however, scientists now believe that flow could help people in their day to day office jobs as well. It could improve their efficiency and help them work harder towards their goals. Flow can help people get more creative with their jobs and motivate them to complete their tasks.

Flow kicks in when time starts flying and hours seem like minutes as the day moves towards an end. The exact factors that encourage flow are still unknown, however, scientists believe that flow is triggered by self-leadership, job-crafting, playful work design, and proper use of one’s strength. Something as simple is knowledge sharing between employees could induce flow.

Moving on towards self-leadership. This happens when people become their own boss. They set their own goals, monitor their own progress, and motivate themselves to perform more. People give themselves a direction to follow.

Getting creative with a job can also induce flow. Doing some kind of work every single day can get boring and reduces the chances of flow settling in. It is known that people who add more diversity to their job and bring in more challenges for themselves from time to time are more likely to experience flow during work.

Promoting humor in the workplace can also help with the flow, especially in group projects. Other than that people can set short-term goals and reward themselves accordingly.

psychologists believe that when individuals have utilized their strength properly during work, they experience a feeling of accomplishment at the end of their day. This could help people induce flow and work even better the next day, knowing that they are not wasting their time.