This is how the decisions are made in a human mind
By Admin - June 14, 2020

Our decision-making process is dependent on the neurons that are present in our brains. There are two kinds of decisions that we make during the day: Value-based decisions and context-dependent decisions. Different parts of brains are concerned with each kind of decision.

Value-based decisions are taken by the retrosplenial cortex of the brain, whereas the context-dependent decisions are taken by the anterior lateral motor cortex.

A few experiments were carried out on mice to observe which part of their brain became active while making a context-based decision. A clone was sprayed on their nose, and after a while, another clone was sprayed. If both of the clones had the same scent mice had to drink water from a tube. It was seen that the experiment proceeded as expected, however, some unexpected results came forward when the mice’s ALM was disabled. Mice’s brain structure is quite similar to that of humans and it showed that context-based decisions could only be made through ALM.

The decision-making process is not dependent on a single neuron, instead, a group of neurons is involved. However, one final decision is taken by a single neuron. This was known when a macaque monkey was put under observation.