Those Who Remain PS4 Review — is it just another generic horror genre game?
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By Admin - May 31, 2020

Having only a little more to offer than the obnoxious ghosts lurking in the dark corners, Those Who Remain is just another feeble attempt at making a respectable psychological horror title.

You play the game through the eyes of Edward, in the town of Dormont. Playing the game is fairly simple. Every area that you spawn in acts as an escape room. You have to roam around, look for clues and certain items that help you solve a puzzle. Once you have solved the puzzle, you proceed onto the next one and so on. Even though they represent a major chunk of the total gameplay time, puzzles require little to no effort to solve them. There is an interesting trick to the game, and that is an alternative reality. Not only will you transition between the two realities quite often, but you will also find yourself solving a particular puzzle only bring about a change in another reality.

Like any other horror title, ghosts are habitual of staying in the dark, and the longer you stay exposed to the darkness you will be more vulnerable to ghost attacks. Hence, you will often find yourself in search of a light, flicking the light switches. Still, the stakes are high that you will get detected and attacked by a monster since the game lacks stealth mechanics. And in a genre where death experiences are supposed to make your soul shiver, if you do come across a monster all it would do is swipe its arm across the screen, followed by a blackout.

Even if the game has a slight fear factor, it is overshadowed by poor graphics. And it gets even worse when it comes to dark corners. Playing through pixelated graphics, trying to make sense of poor gameplay mechanics, these things make the game seem slightly outdated.

Well, it might not be the best psychological horror game, but it definitely isn’t the worst either. Even though it gets boring by the end, the beginning of the story keeps you glued to the screen as you try and figure out what actually happened in Dormont. Every now and then you will find a door leading you to an alternative reality, with different physics, bringing a unique twist to the game.

The decisions you make during the gameplay affect the ending of the game. However, after spending a few hours into the gameplay you can pretty much start predicting the outcome of each of your actions. Hence, it takes the fun out of replaying the game for a different ending.

It seems like Camel 101 left room for improvement in nearly every aspect of the game, not to mention the frame rate issues this game has, leaving me at a mercy of 30 fps throughout the gameplay. There is no horror element to the game except a few eerie eyes staring at you from the dark. But then again, you know they aren’t doing you any harm unless you step into the darkness with them. Finally, if I had to describe the game using a single word, I would just label it as boring!