Tips to Stay Healthy During Exams.
By Rachel Jones - July 23, 2023

Exam season is the arena where bad habits rule. With stress levels skyrocketing at the prospect of being tested on an extreme amount of course material, the days of exams and the days leading to exams can be intensely grueling. During exam season, students stay seated all day long, with their backs hunched and necks lowly bent over books, s a common and expected sight to encounter however, this position can lead to neck and back pain, as many students experience at the end of the day. Plus, staying seated all day can also lead to joint pain and muscle soreness, alongside bloating and nausea.

Moreover, stress levels can lead to insomnia, nightmares, grumpiness, a loss of appetite or extreme appetite, and anger. Also, staring at a book or screen all day can also cause itchiness, watery, or red eyes. All in all, students neglect their health during exam season, the time when we absolutely need perfect health. So, here are a few tips to staying healthy, calm, and composed during the extremely intense exam season.
Reduce commitments – if possible, try cutting back on any other time-consuming commitments you might have, in order to free up more time for studying. This will greatly reduce stress as it will allow more time for you to study.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Maskot

Eat nutritious snacks regularly – it is tempting to order ready-made fast food during exam seasons to avoid making time for cooking and preparing meals; however, fast foods are low in nutrients and slow you down. If you have access to home cooked meals or a cafeteria, it is always healthy to opt for those.

Avoid excess caffeine – Caffeine and energy drinks don’t keep you more active and fresh in the long run. It is simply a short term instant boost. Drink water and fresh juice instead.

Get enough rest – Pulling all-nighters throughout the exam season is not the best idea as it reduces brain function and makes you more tired. Sleep improves memory and creativity, essential during exam season.