Final Fantasy VII Remake—Tonberry Boss Guide
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By Admin - April 22, 2020

How often do you find yourself staring at the screen, during a fight, and trying to locate whatever you are fighting against? Something similar will happen once you enter into a fight with Tonberry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. In case it happens, don’t forget to look down. The Boss is small!

Tonberry is one of those bosses who have made an enthralling come back from the original Final Fantasy VII into the Final Fantasy VII remake. Tonberry is not a part of the main storyline, but a part of the Malicious Goons side quest. You will also be seeing a glimpse of this tiny nuisance during your battle against Fat Chocobo. Tonberry will also be offered to fight, as a part of additional battles in the hard mode, once you have finished chapter seventeen.

In this guide, we will talk about the events that lead you to fight Tonberry, how to defeat the boss in the most efficient manner, and what happens afterward.

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Finding Tonberry

You will come across Tonberry somewhere in the fourteenth chapter. To enter into the Malicious Goons side quest, you need to visit Madam M. Madam M will be available at the Wall Market located in the Slums of Sector 6. Madam M will tell you that the Goons are seen in the vicinity of Aerith’s house, hence, you head over to Aerith’s house immediately. Do the surroundings seem familiar? Yes, it is the same place where you took on Reno’s sidekick, the Rude Boss.

As you enter the arena, you will spot the Goons, but they aren’t the people you will be fighting and this becomes instantly known. As Barret charges towards the three Goons with his trash talk, they step aside and release the Tonberry. This is where your actual trouble begins.

Defeating Tonberry

It might seem small, and it might seem harmless, it might seem slow, but it is a monster in a monk’s clothing. The thing you need to be on a lookout for is its Chef’s Knife. The good news for you is that the knife is extremely small and can only be used against you when you are near. Other than that, the pace of the Tonberry is extremely slow. Also keep on mind that, Tonberry focuses its attacks on the character you are controlling at the time. Make well use of this fact to your advantage. Swift through characters every now and then to have the boss surrounded at all times. Use Cloud to hit the boss with his Triple Slash as frequently as possible. But maintain your safe distance from the enemy as well. Incase it succeed in stabbing to with its knife, it could mean instant death, and before you know, your entire team will be wiped out. The attacks are slow, less frequent, but in case they strike you; they will cover up for their drawbacks. Once the Tonberry has attacked you with its knife and missed, it will stagger. Make good use of that time and bring in your best attack. Try to stay in the blind spot of the little monster, it will only attack in the direction it is facing.

You can apply a plenty of strategies to take down this boss, however, I might suggest using Barret as he attacks from a distance, and Tonberry can only attack the character if you are close by. Only bring in Aerith and Cloud when the Barret is frozen.

Tonberry’s knife attack could not always mean death. Use the Materia Slots of Cloud and give him Warding Materia, along with Subversion Materia. The level of the Warding Materia defines the amount of protection it can give you.

  • Level 1: 25% protection
  • Level 2: 50% protection
  • Level 3: 100% protection.

Make use of Aerith’s Revival Materia frequently to revive the injured characters.

Defeating Tonberry is one of the easiest tasks you can undertake in the Final Fantasy VII remake. The little cutesy monster attacks in one direction only, and its attacks could easily be seen from miles apart. Well not literally, you cannot even see the creature from a mile apart, considering its size, let alone its attacks. But, yes, they could be easily countered.

You will be finding an Elixir after defeating Tonberry, but the satisfaction of embarrassing the Goons is much more rewarding than the Elixir itself. You will also be getting full HP and MP once you destroy the evil.