Top Smartphones of 2022
Tech News
By Claire Miles - October 3, 2022

Did you know that most people spend most of their day staring at their phones? Well not simply staring but using it as well. You may not realize it but your smartphone helps you out a lot. Your smartphone allows you to make calls, attend meetings, read emails, stay in touch with people and so much more. With that said, you probably can’t go an entire day without looking at your phone. Smartphones play such a major role in our daily lives and phone companies see it. That’s why we are giving you a brief look into the top smartphones of 2022.


You may have noticed that cell phone companies release smartphones every year. This is because they want to improve the user experience. With that said, they make minor or major changes to the software and overall look of the phone. This leads us to our first smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S21 sports a classy 6.8-inch AMOLED display. It also has 5G connectivity for super fast data. It is said that if you are you are looking to have an android phone that leads to cutting-edge technology, then the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the smartphone for you.

Now it really wouldn’t be a conversation on smartphones if we didn’t talk about the iPhone. iPhones are a staple in the smartphone market. So much so that some people only consider themselves iPhone users. With that said, in 2022, Apple released yet another great iPhone, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. When looking at this newest smartphone, you will notice that it is by far the biggest iPhone that Apple has released. Now iPhones are known for their great camera quality. So you will be pleased to know that there are a number of new and unique camera features. This includes macro photography and dramatic video modes.