Trailmaker—a physics-based vehicle-building game makes its way to PS4
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By Admin - May 21, 2020

What feels like a Hot Wheels game but actually isn’t? It has to be Trailmakers. Trailmakers is a physics-based vehicle-building game developed by FlashBulb Games. The game has been out on other platforms for a quite a while now, however, it is coming out on PlayStation 4 today!

Tso give you a little insight on how you ended up in a situation where you have to engineer vehicles, you were a travelling on a spaceship when it collides with a meteor, forcing you to crash land. The debris from your spaceship is scattered all over the planet you wake up on.

Initially you won’t have a lot of material at hand to build the likes of a Ferrari, hence you will have to make your peace with a go kart. Well go-kart can be fun? Right? Well, in case they are not, you are free to explore the planet and discover more pieces from your destroyed vessel. Afterwards you can build several complicated vehicles, ranging from cars and boats to helicopters.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Hiroshi Watanabe

The game comes with a solo mode where you can unleash your creativity alone, however, if you feel like having a company you can always opt for the multiplayer mode. Here you can design and craft the vehicles together as well as challenge each other’s creations for a race in the sandbox. Trailmaker even has a built-in gallery of vehicles that are crafted by players across the globe. You can either gain inspiration from them or you can download them as it is and test them on your own to gain more knowledge about the machine. If you feel like your sports car deserves more attention, and has to be the best piece of machinery you have ever engineered, you can also upload your own inventions to the gallery.

The game is bound to receive more updates after its release and the future updates will give you access to new parts and features. These additions are not just made on the behalf of developers, but the developers are open to all kinds of suggestions through a Discord community, and they keep updating the game according to what other players have to say.

The concept of Trailmaker is not a new one, but Flashbulb Games have pulled it pretty neat. It is the best platform to bring out the artist, alongside the mechanical engineer hiding inside you!