Travel Hacks For Your Next Trip
By Alexandra Wade - February 10, 2022

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or packing for your very first trip, knowing some hacks can help shave extra money from the total money spent. From airline bookings to hotel and sightseeing hacks, these article dishes some hacks that might help.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Willie B. Thomas

Go on browser incognito mode when browsing flights

If you’re looking to save money on flights, switch to private browsing mode when browsing through airlines. Airlines go through most browsing history and raise prices based on the results. Check for the best flight deals while browsing in private mode to prevent this.

Don’t rush packing

Take your time to pack for your trip. Never rush packing before a trip, as it can make you forget minor items, which costs money. Instead, pack luggage gradually, pick outfits wisely, and some additional items if emergency cases crop up.

Find the best coupon deals with Honey

Honey is a chrome browser extension that combs the internet for great coupon deals that automatically shaves off extra dollars for you when shopping and making bookings online. Talk about easy money.

Make it a group trip

It’s no secret that traveling in groups helps save costs by a mile. Accommodation, food, and private tour prices go for a fraction of the cost when solo traveling by applying special discounts and group sharing. It’s also fun and great for building new friendships.

Always have a portable charger at hand

Imagine getting lost at an unknown location without a phone to call or find directions, at the mercy of the locals, which isn’t always safe. To prevent this, always carry a portable charger and power bank.

Download Google Map

Download google maps of the area you’re traveling to in case of insufficient network coverage- nothing worse than getting lost in a strange land with no idea how to get back.

Get better hotel rates by booking directly

When booking your hotel, try calling the hotel directly to access discounts, as most travel websites earn through affiliate deals with the hotels; hence their hotel prices are usually higher.