Facts about Tyson Fury Net Worth 2020
By Admin - April 8, 2017

The boxers are among those celebrities who live a very rich and a high profile life. Many people believe that there are a lot of boxers who live a high profile life even better than from what they earn. The boxers from all over the world have been part of various controversies. There are many boxers who cross the billion dollar level on their net worth. It makes them one of the richest people living today. Among the many famous boxers in the world, one is British boxer, Tyson Fury. He is one of the best and the most famous boxers around the world. He is currently 28 years old and has already won several titles including the Ring Magazine and Lineal heavyweight championships. He is well known for his style of boxing and remarks after the match. He was born on August 12th, 198 in Wythenshawe. You may know the net worth of many other boxers, here is the Tyson Fury Net Worth.

Tyson Fury Net Worth

Tyson Fury Net Worth in his early years

You might want to know that the net worth of the boxers is not always the same; the boxers are always part of controversies. When they are on the winning note, the TV channels take them which make their net worth even more. Here are a few details on his overall net worth.

Tyson Fury began his career in 2008. In his early career, he did not earn a lot. He began to earn in the year 2011 when he defeated many other rivals. During the year 2011, he got a lot of titles such as the British and the Commonwealth heavyweight titles. The fight with Chisora made him popular. The fight was incredibly exciting. It also earned him a lot. The next year he won against the Kevin Johnson the American boxer. During the year 2011, his net worth was 5 million. Then in 2012, he jumped up to 7 million, and in 2013 he jumped a two million dollars more.

Current Tyson Fury net worth

During the year 2014, he won the British heavyweight championship. It was the time when he was on fire. In July 2014 he fought against the contender Dereck Chisora again to win the title. During this year he won several other matches with rivals. At the end of 2014, his net worth was 10 million dollars.

Tyson Fury is one of the best boxers, and he has proved it. He won the European world heavyweight championship in 2015. The same year he also won the Unified world heavyweight championship. The wins from various titles earned him a lot of money and also fame. By the end of the year, 2015 Tyson’s net worth was 11 million dollars.

His net worth during 2016 was 13 million. Although, he has been involved in quite controversial cases and is currently facing a ban still Tyson Fury net worth as of today is 13 million dollars. He is one of the most controversial boxers who is also very rich.

As of 2020Tyson Fury’s net worth is approximately $40 Million dollars.