Underrated Cities in The World
By Laura Lee - November 20, 2022

Many great cities in the world often get overlooked. You might think every city has iconic sights, but some of the most beautiful cities are often overlooked. This write-up will look at some underrated cities worldwide and why they should be on your travel list. Arguably the most beautiful city in South America, Buenos Aires is a must-see destination for all travelers. With its vibrant street art, cutting-edge fashion, and world-class opera house, this capital city will leave you breathless with excitement. Not only is it a fantastic place to visit, but it also has tons of history. Most travelers head straight for the city center, where they can find the Plaza de Mayo and its famous monument honoring the victims of the “Dirty War.”

If you are looking for an authentic Asian experience, head to Hội An, a city on Vietnam’s central coast, and explore its colorful streets. This charming town is filled with beautiful temples and monuments and friendly locals who will happily help you with directions. Today Hội An is known for its fantastic cuisine, traditional handicrafts, and tourist attractions such as the Thuy-Duong Folk Art Village, where you can see Vietnamese artists create various handcrafted items that are sold in their shops. Many beautiful hotels are located throughout this city, including the Hội An Heritage Hotel.

New York City is often overlooked by those who live outside its borders. But if you are looking for a city that never sleeps, this city is the place to be. No matter what time of day, the nightlife goes strong in this city. From Broadway shows to art galleries, visitors have plenty to do. In addition to its thriving arts scene, New York City offers excellent shopping, dining, and sports activities. There are beautiful gardens and lakes where you can relax and enjoy nature. If you want to get away from it all, visit the many parks around the city.