Use of Technology in Modern Art
Tech News
By Claire Miles - July 11, 2023

Just as the countless innovations brought up by technology in different fields like medicine, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, transport etc. It has also played a pivotal role in revolutionizing art and making it accessible to everyone. Art – once a thing of only a handful of the rich and sophisticated – is now a skill a kid sitting in the most remote and un-google-able city, too, can learn. And the best part is that you don’t have to go to a school or a university or have a dedicated degree to learn it. All you need is a good YouTube playlist by a fellow artist!

Getty Images/ Moment/ Catherine Falls Commercial

To look at it from a different angle, people used to go galleries and museums, before the technological revolution, in order to have a peek at an artist’s work. Now, that is something that requires effort, energy, and obviously money to pay the entrance fee. That is why this is a huge turnoff for most people, if not all. What people would prefer, instead of going to the gallery themselves, is for the gallery to come to them. And for free! This is how technology changed the entire art market. Consequently, now that people have a choice, they would definitely choose to stay at home. Because not only will they save their time, energy, and effort, but also their money.

In the same way, it has given visibility to countless artists. Technology is helping artists earn their living and share their work with the world. It is providing them with a community of artists where they can interact with like-minded people and learn from each other. It is also giving them a platform to engage with their fans on social media. Artists can now share their work with millions of people without worrying about the costs. Because there are none!