Vacationing In The Maldives
By Keith Donnelly - October 11, 2022

People travel to the Maldives to enjoy the most tranquil and picturesque island life. When you get home, the chances of dissatisfaction are minimal, whether crisscrossing coral reefs in a glass-bottomed boat or nodding off in your own overwater cottage. The lowest-lying country in the world rises only a few feet above sea level and covers the Indian Ocean in broad, flat circles of dazzlingly white sand. The Maldives, located in the middle of Indonesia and Africa, draw tourists sincerely interested in connecting with the blue tides.

Getty Images/Moment/by wildestanimal

Less than one-third of the Maldives, comprised of 26 atolls and spanning over a thousand separate islands, are inhabited. Sandbars and lagoons make up The Maldives like one big jigsaw piece. There is a collection of several islands, usually anchored by a tiny airport, within each of the island chain’s ring-shaped atolls. Scuba divers are especially fond of Maldives vacations because of the many marine creatures that have established residences on the nearby reefs. From December to April, the Maldives’ dry season is also the most well-liked period to travel there. There is a greater chance of beautiful, storm-free days during this time, which can increase the cost of hotels a little.

One of the pleasures of visiting the Maldives is getting outside your hotel because the country is full of lovely, largely undeveloped islands. A typical expedition could involve fishing in a 60-foot Dhoni around dusk. Island hopping, in which resort visitors are escorted to several adjacent islands and estates to snorkel and explore on foot, is another popular. Even private getaways for couples are available in some hotels. Imagine being carried to a secluded beach in a boat where you are left alone with your beloved partner for the entire session, only taking a picnic basket filled to the brim and a cell phone for emergencies.