A Victory Wrapped in loss: Panthers Vs Saints
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By Admin - November 18, 2016

American football is no doubt a cruel game. Injuries are very common in this game especially during the contact between two players. Such an injury has turned the joy of victory into tears.

Last Thursday panthers got the much-needed victory over their rivals that is New Orleans Saints. But unfortunately, they got the victory but lost much more. Their best player Linebacker Luke Kuechly went down. He is their defensive leader and a high-effort paradigm. All the hopes of the fans were dashed in the perfect way. This has not only worsened the taste of their win but has left a lot the panther’s supporter in despair. The focus is no more left on the Super Bowl Hangover; it is now on the heartbreak the panthers and their fans suffered. It was very disappointing for the fans to see that their superhero is struggling to breathe. It is damn easy to know the reason behind another concussion suffered by Kuechly. It is all beyond the worst ending what could ever have been.

A Victory Wrapped in loss Panthers Vs Saints

Kuechly Injuries, a New Event?

It is so very typical of Kuechly to get injured which clearly manifests his passion for football. He always makes panthers wins every week. He has always been an array of hope in the disappointing seasons. He has a complex recent history of getting a brain injury. His last concussion made him miss three games. Such scenario put his fans into the question of either he will be fine again or not. As there are many players who left the game without accomplishing anything just because of such injuries. That is why Kuechly fans are feeling helpless and are praying for his speedy recovery. Although many panthers have such company lines in their heads like “next man up” but for the Kuechly the void will not be filled without him.

The big lead against Saints:

Thursday winning, 23-30, has been big news but the even bigger news is the injury of the star Linebacker Luke Kuechly. He went down when there were just five minutes left in the ending of the game while running after Tim High tower. The status about the Kuechly comeback is totally unknown. It was a touchy scene to watch the star lying on the cart and begging for air .The panthers at this stage were really close to blowing another fourth quarter lead at home for the very second time in four days when this tragedy happened. Panthers consider Kuechly as one of the key members of their team. He is certainly the soul of the whole team. The post-game atmosphere becomes morose as loss of Kuechly is monumental for the panthers. Probably the injury Kuechly got was not a leg injury as cameras caught him sobbing and in distress turning the screen into a scary scene.

Forthcoming Events:

Carolina will play their next match in Carolina on 27 of November. The game will go on. It will not postpone because of Kuechly injury keeping up “the next man” strategy. The next man will surely be up again but will never fill the gap which Kuechly has left. His fans are still in the hope of his fast recovery and are in a hope of seeing him in the upcoming matches.