Waking PC Review–a narrative held back by core design oversights
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By Admin - June 20, 2020

Waking is a third-person action-packed game developed by Jason Oda. It was published by the tinyBuild Games. The game released on the 18th of June 2020 worldwide. This game is available on PC as well as Xbox One. It is priced at $8.19 on Steam.

Getty Images/Future/Future Publishing

Having beautiful graphics is a bonus point, but the thing that matters is its performance. As for Waking, you need to be concerned! When trialed on an RTX 2060 GPU, the game managed to give 120 fps (frames per second). Those are extremely less for a GPU of that caliber. In some action-heavy and severe portions, fps rolled down to 78 fps on average. During cinematics and slow cutscenes, you would get 200 fps on average. Many players would certainly have some performance issues but the variance in-game optimization can provide them with a chance to play it on their PC setups.

Waking is indeed a disheartening game because it is very near to keeping its oath of a touching contemplative experience, but it fails to provide one. Each soothing dialogue has an irritating ending for closing it. Every moment that wants to make you smile has an ending to it to hinder you. If seen closely, we can see what the developer wanted to achieve but couldn’t implement it. When we see issues with the UI and sub-par level design, it breaks the heart. If this game had some perfection, it surely would have blown out people’s minds. If you are in search of something different or want a change in the gaming genre for some time or emphasize the storyline rather than the gameplay, Waking has enough to be loved and adored.