Warface: Breakout is now out on Xbox One
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By Admin - May 28, 2020

Who doesn’t like old-school first-person shooter games? These games are not for everyone. They require quick reflexes, strategy, and most importantly, a good aim. If you are lacking in either one of those skills, the enemies are going to roast you like a chicken. Well, those who are in for some violence loaded fun, they are in luck as Warface: Breakout is now out on Xbox One.

The focus of the game lies in Search and Destroy, one of the most prominent modes in the classic first-person shooter games. The mode is all about planting and detonating a bomb. A single match features two teams. One of the teams has to defend a target, whereas the other one has to plant a bomb at that particular target. The game is won either by planting the bomb, or eliminating all of the players of the opposing.

Playing FPS itself is a thrilling experience, however when it comes to Search and Destroy you receive some adrenaline rush. The pressure you receive when you are the last person on your team, and rest are all depending on you cannot be explained through words. You are consistently trembling with fear that the enemy might be camping in your blind spot, ready to take you out any moment. In case you are not the only surviving member of your team, but you are planting a bomb, you will hear your heart thumping the entire time, thinking the enemy might pop-up any moment now.

Well, it is established that the game has a thrill to it, but there are other things you need to be excited about as well. killing an enemy, or successfully planting the bomb will earn you credits which can be used for weaponry in the store. This can be a difficult choice since there are 30 different weapons to choose from.

Physics is also involved when it comes to firing different weapons. They all have different recoils and fire-rates. When it comes to movement, you cannot expect to hold a heavy machine gun and sprint at the same time. The weight of the gun and your ability to run are inversely proportional to each other. You can run the fastest with a knife. Reminds you of Counter-Strike yet?

There are five different multiplayer maps available to put your skills to good use. It is not difficult to get a hang of the game; however, it is quite challenging to master it. And the developers have it that the key to success is communication. Choose your weapon and teammates wisely!