West of Dead PC Review–a unique western rogue-like shooter
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By Admin - June 20, 2020

West of Dead is an action and adventure-packed game developed by the Upstream Arcade. The game was published by Raw Fury. It released on the 18th of June 2020 for Xbox and PC whereas, for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, it will release on the 20th of August 2020. The game is priced at $19.99.

In the West of Dead, you will find yourself as an anonymous phantom who has returned from the dead. This specter is now placed in affliction at Purgatory Wyoming. You will have no memory of who you are, what are you doing there, and what is your purpose. You will try to get hold of a preacher who is expected to have answers to questions whirling in your mind. To find this preacher, you will have to pass through a huge bunch of enemies along your way which changes very quickly. You will fight them with guns or whatever useful item you find on your way.

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Ron Pearlman gives the game a heck of performance with its wonderful one-liners and elaboration of great story moments spoken through one of its kind, unique guttural tones. He brings a level of depth and believability to the character which only the gameplay couldn’t represent alone nor any voice actor could have done that. Repetition till some instances can be sufferable but hearing something the fifteenth time makes your head go crazy.

Whatever things you point out, its one of its type gameplays would make you want to play it. The presence of this repetition of living, dying, and watching that same storyline along with dialogues may make you yawn and boring at some moments and excessive of it becomes disappointing. You will have to give this game more time if you want to unlock the special items. The esthetics of this game are amusing which keeps you determined to play it as well as the soundtrack of it. It would be fascinating if the shooting mechanics of the game are tweaked. If you are not of that perfection demander and you have puts hours and hours into playing Enter the Gungeon, West of Dead won’t be disappointing you at all.