What To Eat When You Have The Flu
By Ariella Jacobs - November 12, 2022

No matter how much you try to avoid it, sometimes you simply can help but to get the flu. Having the flu can be such a shlep because it means that you can’t do anything you have planned to do and you simply have to stay in bed. Now we all know that the first thing you should do is go to your local doctor. A visit to the doctor will allow you to get the medication you need to recover. With that said, there are also a few things you can do to ensure that your body snaps back much more quickly. This speaks to the food that you eat.

That’s right, there are specific foods that help our bodies regain the strength we lose while having the flu. Now you should know that these foods aren’t always the best tasting but they really do help. The first thing and probably most obvious would be chicken soup. Chicken soup has been recommended for the flu for decades and with good reason. When you are sick your body needs a number of different things to help fight against the flu. This would include vitamins, calories, and proteins to mention a few. You get all of this and more in a simple bowl of chicken soup.

It also helps that chicken soup is really easy to make. Now if you really aren’t up to eating anything, perhaps you should think of a beverage. A great beverage that you can go with would be broth. The broth is packed with fluid and electrolytes which is exactly what you need to help fight the flu. You should also know that when hot, broth can be great as far as sinus congestion is concerned. If you find that you have a sore throat from all the coughing you have been doing, you should give honey a try. It is said that honey is a great item that can help soothe your sore throat.