When And How To Clear Your Phone Cache
Tech News
By Orly Geduld - June 14, 2022

Every time you visit the web, your browser collects and retains data, whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S22, a Google Pixel 6, or another phone. Cookies and cache are two types of data that enable your phone to log in to accounts and quickly load frequently visited sites. Regardless of the Android smartphone you use, deleting your phone’s cache and cookies regularly is a healthy practice to develop.

It’s not a bad idea to delete this data now and then to keep your web browser sleek, fast, and, ideally, with as few tracking cookies as possible. However, this data accumulates over time, eating up space on your phone and most likely incorporating cookies that track your surfing activity to serve targeted advertising. (I’ve started seeing advertising for eyeglasses and TV series linked to my YouTube searches after visiting a few online sites to compare pricing and styles.) The methods vary significantly based on the phone and web browser app on Android, so we’ll go over how to erase this data for different browsers below. From the Android version of Google Chrome, hit the More button (a column of three dots) in the top right corner of the browser, then tap History, then Clear browsing data.

You may also precise browsing data from the Chrome Settings menu by selecting Privacy and Security, then Clear browsing data. You can erase the cache and cookie data on your Samsung Internet browser in two ways. You can clear your browser’s cache or use the Settings app on your phone. To clean while using the Samsung Internet browser app, hit the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner, then Settings; scroll down and tap Personal Data, then tap Erase browsing data to see a menu of alternatives to delete. Open the Settings app and press on Apps, then scroll down to and tap Samsung Internet and Storage. Clear cache and Clear data are different options at the bottom of Storage.