Why Puerto Rico Should Be Your Next Travel Destination
By Laura Lee - December 15, 2021

Puerto Rico has captured the hearts of travelers for years and years. Its colonial architecture, tropical climate, and cuisine draw tourists in for an experience of a lifetime. There is so much to take in, such as cobblestone streets, colorful homes, locals dancing down streets during a weekend parade, not to mention the amount of produce to choose from. It may only be a little bit over 3,500 square miles, but there is so much to discover. This tropical paradise is not one you will want to miss out on. If you are considering a trip of your own, there are many reasons to buy that plane ticket if you aren’t already convinced.

Getty Images/Moment/Wassim Samara

One of the best reasons to visit is the amazing weather because you can visit year-round. It’s the perfect place to fly to when winter rolls around the corner. You can expect an average temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, blue skies, and a nice ocean breeze. But the beach isn’t the only place to explore. The various landscapes of Puerto Rico make it very difficult to get bored. There are so many natural landscapes to see, such as the Guanica Dry Forest, one of the biggest dry forests in the world, the Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy underground caves, and the el Yunque tropical rainforest. In addition, there are countless beaches, mountains, forests, and waterfalls.

You can take part in a variety of activities like waterfall climbing in Rocaliza, surfing in Isabela and wingsuit flying. There are countless adrenaline-inducing activities to choose from if you wish. You can also visit one of the longest zip lines in the world at the Toro Verde Adventure Park. To have an even more magical experience, you can swim in glowing water. The glowing bays are due to blue-colored micro-organisms. These bioluminescent waters are not something you want to miss. The country’s rich culture also lets you dive into some of the best food you have ever tasted. You can enjoy dishes like mofongo, which are plantains filled with meat or seafood. Interestingly enough, the island has its very own hot sauce, which is best served on pretty much anything.