Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+ Review
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By Admin - April 21, 2020

Did you ever wonder that if Minecraft had a cuter version, how would it look like? How about you close your eyes, and for a second, try to imagine a perfect fantasy world, the only condition being that you have to imagine it through the eyes of a nine-year-old. Well, the ChubbyPixel studios have put this imagination of yours into a reality with their recent release, the Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe. The game, indeed, feels like it is out of a nine-year old’s art class.

The Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe came out during the summers, last year, and through a passage of time it has been made available on all major platforms, that include, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. On this review, we take you along for our little adventure in the game, talk about the Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+ extension, and offer our opinion on the game.

Let’s Save the World!

In a world full of Call of Duties, be a Woodle Tree! The main theme of the game lies in saving the mother nature from the vicious and deadly forces that have taken the world into their grasp. The real question is, will you be able to do that?

The game has very mesmerizing beginning to it. You are shown around the mystical and beautiful land of Woodle. Wait! I forgot to introduce you to the Woodle. Woodle will be your game character for the entire gameplay. But who is Woodle? Well, ChubbyPixel, of all the main Character choices they could have had, have decided to present you with a wood stump, and it carries a backpack! The idea of giving you a wood stump to control is not that out of whack, to be very honest. You are charged with the responsibility and a noble mission to save the mother nature, what better way to do it rather than with your cute little Woodle.

The offset of the game, however, does not remain calm and peaceful for very long, and dark forces start taking over the sky. The dark forces take away the tears of the Sage Protector and turn them into stones. Sage Protector happens to be the most sacred tree in the land, as well as the mentor of the Woodle. It is up to you now, guide your stump across the land and bring back the tears to save the Sage Protector.

It’s so melodious!

The soundtrack of the game can have a pretty heavy impact on the gameplay. What I believe is that the background theme music of the game pretty much suits the genre of the game. There is no intense or heavy music in the game, but it is indeed a very calm one. Other than that, the game has no audible dialogues, and all of the communications are done through visuals.

Hey-ho, let’s Go Exploring!

The gameplay of the game is very straight forward. There are not many controls to decide from. The Woodle will jump, double jump, walk, run and, glide using a parachute. But this is not all that Woodle can do, and here comes the fun part! How do we defeat the monsters who are destroying the world? The monsters who happen to be so deadly, how do we take care of them? you hit them with a leaf. That’s it, one blow with a leaf of Woodle and your worries are gone.

The game also comes with a multiplayer co-op mode which can help you play online with four other players. You are not put, solely, on the mercy of online gameplay to play with your friends, you can play with your friends locally as well

Side by side, there are several customizations, such as face masks, that can be bought from stores that become visible as we proceed through the map. One might wonder, that to buy customizations you need to collect and spend something. What is it? Is it gold? Are their pennies that you can collect along the way? No sir, there are berries. Yes! You are at the mercy of something as precious as berries to buy yourself your customizations. There are two colored berries that you will find along your way: they are either red or blue.

The land that is to be explored is very vast, and although I have not played the prequel of the game, it is said to be around ten times larger than its last version. The path seems pretty much straight forward that you can follow, however, as you progress further and further into the game the complexity of path increases, and you might find yourself on a wrong path. So, keep a good lookout on the path you are on. One major feature added to the game, by the developers, is that they have allowed you to respawn anywhere on the map, the underlying condition is that the area of the map must have been explored prior to respawning.

The overall gameplay of the Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe cannot be regarded as something realistic. Everything seems to be coming out of a storybook. There are times where you will find lava flowing under the ice, but who is to complain here? Everything seems fair and square in a world of imagination where you happen to be a wood stump, and that wood stump happens to be having tea with a fox, in the beginning of the game.

The Visuals

Graphics are something that I would not regard as a selling point of the game. The game is an open-world game and if you happen to go exploring a little you might find yourself standing on a barren land with nothing in the view. Rendering is also a really big concern for the game. Once you jump off a huge cliff, you notice that the land and mountains around you start flickering, with pieces of graphics showing up every now and then. However, it does not make a game unplayable, and if you happen to ignore these minor imperfections the game is a perfect past time.

Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+

It is an extension to the game, offered by the developers and it includes a handful amount of incentives for you. the extension comes with some better controls, more dazzling levels, improved animations and a lot of new unlockable for your character. A couple of new moves have also been introduced for your Woodle.

A final comment

 Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe is very similar to other indie games of the year. The purpose of the game was never to produce something that seemed out of the future, but the purpose was to create something that would have a calming effect on your mind. If I had to define the game using one word, I will define it as minimalist. Not one aspect of the game seems extra and the entire gameplay stays very simple.

However, if there is something missing from the game, that is some side missions. The producers could have added a few mini-games across the game to make it slightly more interactive and fun. The existing gameplay is bound to get boring and frustrating as all you gotta do is walk, jump, and fight.

The theme of the game was tried to be kept as positive and innocent as possible. Even the enemies in the game are developed to be cute little chubby figures that you feel it in you to go all goochy goochy about them. But don’t, they will kill you.

Summing it all up Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe is a game that you would want to play before bed, after a hectic routine. it’s not intense, it won’t get you all hyped up, but man it can give you a good bedtime. Finally, there cannot be a simpler game, for the children to play, in the market at the moment.