World War Z Game of the Year Edition — How Far the Game has Come in a Year?
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By Admin - May 16, 2020

You see a horde of zombies approaching, what do you do? You brace yourself, load your weapons, and head out to score! With all the titles we have seen over the last decade, I believe zombies should unite and demand a separate genre of their own for these kinds of games. As expected, World War Z happens to be like any other zombie inspired third-person shooter game. After a year of endless chaos and putting zombies to sleep, Saber Interactive released World War Z Game of the Year Edition.

The Campaign Mode Will Take You Places

The game will put you on a battlefield with four other players, a concept that is not unlike any other game of a similar genre. Even though the gameplay is entirely linear, taking down zombies and making a dash for the next saferoom, the game does offer diversity in the battlefields.


The game has survived for a year now while receiving a steady supply of updates from the developers to keep players glued to the screen. With all the efforts the developers are putting into the game, there is still nothing to the game that raises its bar for this genre. If it were up to me, I would still choose a Left 4 Dead title over this, any day!