Wrapping Up Your Year
By Jade Kerr - December 30, 2022

One minute it is the first of January and the next thing you know it’s the end of December. Time truly does fly and it seems like the year just goes quicker and quicker. With the year coming to a close, it means that is a chapter of your life. So how are you going to end your chapter and wrap up your year? Now you may start panicking but you really shouldn’t. We all feel a bit of anxiety when the year comes to a close but in all honestly, you don’t have to be. Simply relax and take your time wrapping up your year.

When time flies it is very easy to feel as though you are out of control of what is happening around you. This is often the cause of your anxiety. Now feeling anxious because the year is coming to an end is completely normal. However, you should know that there really isn’t much to feel scared about. You see wrapping up your year simply means taking a look at your achievements. That’s right, that’s all you need to think about. So what is the first step you need to take? The first step would be to sit down and get a notepad.

With the help of your memory, simply jot down all the goals you set out for yourself for the year. Now it could be a big goal or a small goal. With that in mind, you can move to your next step. Now you are going to focus on each individual goal. Simply think of how you achieved your goal. If you have achieved your goal go ahead and tick it off. If not that’s okay, you can always make it a goal for next year. Once you are done, you will notice that you have actually achieved a lot for the year and you can end it on a good note.