WWE Net Worth of Super Stars 2020 – Revealed
By Admin - April 15, 2017

Net worth is also known as net wealth. You can define it as the total assets owned by the company or an individual minus the total liabilities that they have to pay. The word net worth is used when we are talking about the monetary or economic position of a person or a company. In more simple words we get the net worth when we subtract debt from the asset.

WWE Net Worth

WWE is an American company also known as World Wrestling Entertainment. The owner of this company is McMahon.  He established it in 1952. The main source of income of this company is professional wrestling. It also has a direct venture in many films, product licensing, music, and product sales. No doubt WWE is the biggest Wrestling Company in the whole world. The best thing is that it hosts about 300 events in a year and the championships are being broadcasted in 150 countries. It has about 36 million viewers all over the world.

Net Worth of WWE

The head office of WWE is located in Connecticut. It has its branch offices in many major cities of the world. The two major shows WWE are SmackDown and RAW. The company shared its record last year and according to them the net worth of WWE is about USD 658 million. The income has been increased to 21% as compared to previous year. The company faces ups and downs each year in terms of its international revenues. No doubt it has an earning of USD 169 million with 45% increase annually.

The source of income of this company is from WWE Network, Live events, TV, WWE shop business and venue merchandise. About 256 million content hours have been viewed by network subscribers and it is the biggest network provided by broadcast and cable operators.            

YouTube Viewers – The Complete Makeover

The most amazing thing is that the YouTube viewer has about 8 billion views all over the word and it is the highest followed sports brand on it. It is the complete family of McMahon who is the CEO of the company and he is also the stakeholder to promote WWE. No doubt it is a complete makeover. His family is also the part of this company. His wife Linda, His Son-in-law Triple H and his children Stephanie and Shane are the owners of about 75% equity of the company. His family members have 90% voting power.

All the people are aware of the role of McMahon in the development of this company but his wife has also played a considerable role. She played a very silent role for the growth of this company. Wrestlers are the key element of this company and to support this company they receive high amount paychecks. Because they are the WWE superstar so they deserve these perks. At the start, the salary of a wrestler begins with six digits ad it goes up to million dollars accordingly. The least amount they receive is USD 150,000 and it goes up to USD 9 Million.

Net Worth of WWE in 2020

As of April 2020WWE net worth Is estimated to be around $6 billion.