Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition — A First look at the Trailer
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By Admin - May 8, 2020

If you are a Xenoblade Chronicle fan, chances are that you have already marked your calendars for the 29th of May. In case you’re not aware of the upcoming title in the ever-running series, here is all that you should know about the game.

A Little Background Information

The chronicles are set in two distinct worlds that are under a constant war with each other; Bionis and Mechonis. So rhythmic! Moving on, you control the protagonist Shulk, who has the privilege of carrying Monado. Monado is a sacred sword and is the sole reason behind the war of the two worlds.    

What is Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition?

The title is not a sequel to any of the games that are part of the series, instead, it is a remake of the original Xenoblade Chronicles. It will have better graphics, fluent gameplay, more optimized soundtracks, and handier controls.

The remake not only offers better graphics, but the developers have tweaked some changes in the storyline as well. Shulk and Melia set out on one final adventure to find and reconnect with the people of Melia’s origin. But the adventure is not so simple when they get attacked in the way, forcing them to crash into the Shoulder of Bionis. A new enemy is also introduced and is known as Fog Beast. You will also be joined by two more characters, Kino and Nene.

The Six-Minute Teaser

There are still a few weeks to go before the big release, however, the developers have started throwing in teasers to stir up the hype for their big release. The trailer that was released is six minutes long and it gives a little insight of what should we be expecting from the game. The trailer begins by telling us about the history of the two worlds and how they came into being. Of what we see from the trailer, the graphics of the game are top-notch and so are the voice-overs of the characters. The voice-overs have emotional depth into them and they add to an interesting gameplay. We also get to see what the antagonists are going to look like.

Moreover, the trailer talks about some other features of the game. We are told that each of the characters we get to play with in the game possess unique abilities. The open-world will come equipped with more mesmerizing landmarks and secret areas that you will need to discover. The enemies seem stronger and defeating them will give you access to certain valuables. The locations that you have already visited will be accessed through the menu and you will be able travel back within the blink of an eye. The game will have certain side quests that you will be able access by striking a conversation with random people.

This is all that we know as of yet, comment below if you’ve come across anything else regarding the game.